As a part of Netflix’s increasingly ambitious slate of original programming, Mindhunter delights and terrifies in equal measure. Its semi-factual account of perverse individuals known for rape and murder is another big hit for the streaming service. Obviously, such a show makes a great fit for a traditional holiday tie-in…right? Much like the virtual fireplaces of old, Netflix released a Christmas Dinner video on December 24th highlighting everyone’s favorite chatty serial killer, Ed Kemper.

I can’t help but be reminded of videos showing actor Nick Offerman downing whisky for New Year’s Eve. This short gives us Ed Kemper (portrayed by Cameron Britton) eating an egg salad sandwich in uncharacteristic silence for two minutes. It’s odd and creepy, which is perfectly suited to Mindhunter. It’s also strangely peaceful (unless you’re the kind of person who finds the sound of people chewing irksome). I find this video incredibly disturbing however. I mean, who really likes egg salad?


Netflix has long been honing their social media marketing game; another video recently posted to Twitter has two Orc Youtubers giving their biased hot take on Bright. (SPOILER: They gave it 7 out of 10 because “why should the human being be the hero?”)

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There’s a general consensus that Britton as Ed Kemper was the best thing about Mindhunter‘s first season, and I won’t argue. His dialogue, his joyless smile, the way he shares the details of his kills… really a fearsome performance. While he doesn’t have any lines here, the creep factor is still palpable. I think what bothers me the most is that he doesn’t have anything to drink. Wash that down, buddy!

Mindhunter will be receiving a second season, so we’ll be spending more one-on-one time with Ed Kemper and his mates soon enough. Until then, let’s put this Christmas Dinner video on loop and thank Netflix for such a strange, uncomfortable gift this holiday season.