Gerald’s Game is the latest Stephen King adaptation to hit the ‘big‘ screen. It’s also the most recent release to come from the blossoming relationship between Mike Flanagan and Netflix (they previously released the indie-horror smash Hush, and are working on an upcoming series reboot of The Haunting of Hill House). We’ve been eagerly awaiting the film, and now- we have an official release date!

Based on the 1992 novel of the same name from iconic horror writer Stephen King, Gerald’s Game tells the suspenseful story of a woman named Jessie Burlingame (Carla Gugino) who accidentally kills her husband Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) while she is handcuffed to a bed. Stuck in a remote cabin with no hope of rescue, Jessie begins hearing voices and seeing hallucinations.. or are they?


The novel was adapted by Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard. Carla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood, Henry Thomas, and Kate Siegel star.

The film premieres on Netflix Friday, September 29th of this year.