Heads up, mouthbreathers! Universal Studios has released new artwork revealing more details about the Stranger Things house for their 2019 season of Halloween Horror Nights. The eerie art, created by Kyle Lambert, showcases Eleven using her telekinetic talents to protect her friends from the demodogs that have them surrounded. If the iconic art looks familiar, it’s because Lambert designed the art for each season of the hit Netflix show. Fans will recognize Eleven’s look from season two when the creepy canines were first introduced.

What does this tease mean for the maze at Halloween Horror Nights? For starters, it confirms that fans will get the living daylights scared out of them by the snarling Demodogs in the walk-through this year. According to Universal Studios Orlando, visitors should expect to “make [their] way through iconic scenes and locations, from Chief Hopper’s cabin to the Starcourt Mall.” This year’s house will cover both seasons 2 and 3 of Stranger Things and will “parallel the hit show as it leaps forward to 1985”.

Does this mean that fans will also come face to face with the Shadow MonsterOne can only imagine how freaky it would be to encounter the Mind Flayer among the other monsters in the maze. As an attendee of last year’s Halloween Horror Nights 28, I can attest that there was nothing quite like walking into a room full of ashy air and hearing that synth soundtrack as it sends goosebumps down your spine. The Demogorgon got me more than once last season, so I say bring on the Mind Flayer and Demodogs!

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Season three of Stranger Things is already garnering blockbuster level reviews from fans and critics alike, setting the stage for the Hawkins-based house at Halloween Horror Nights to be a raging success as well. Of course, the show fits in nicely with the 80s theme that Universal Studios announced for HHN back in June. In addition to the Stranger Things walkthrough, visitors will also experience nine other houses, five scare zones, and themed live entertainment. The four other houses revealed so far include Universal Monsters,  plus original houses Depths of Fear, Nightingales Blood Pit, and Yeti: Terror on the YukonWe’re still waiting for the final five houses to be announced, and fans are speculating on all kinds of crazy 80s horror franchises. 

While no Scare Zones have been announced as of yet, we’re hoping to see more of the mayhem we were given last year when visitors were terrorized by Chucky and friends and Killer Klowns from Outerspace.

Are you ready to book your tickets into The Upside Down or are you eagerly awaiting more announcements? What are you hoping to see for houses and Scare Zones for HHN 29? Share your thoughts with us and the rest of the Nightmare on Film Street community on Twitter, on our Official Subreddit, or in the Fiend Club Facebook Group!