Fans of the beloved Gremlins franchise have been eagerly awaiting a sequel for years, especially after all that talk of a reboot. According to Variety, something else is in store for Gizmo and the gang: a new animated series based on the movies. In what sounds like a prequel to the movies, the animated series will be a period piece where Mr. Wing and Gizmo go on adventures together. In the films, the enigmatic Mr. Wing was played by Keye Luke, who passed away in 1991 shortly after appearing in the Gremlins sequel.

In the first Gremlins film (as I’m sure you remember), a family takes in a mysterious creature known as a “Mogwai” around Christmastime. There are some very important rules to follow when living with a Mogwai: don’t get it wet, don’t feed it after midnight, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Rules are hardly ever upheld in horror though and as a result, chaos erupts for this family and the small town they live in. A sequel followed in 1990 called Gremlins 2: The New Batch which brought Gizmo and the gang to the Big Apple, and introduced the world to every concealable iteration of Gremlin.

Tze Chun will be both executive producing and writing for the series. Previously, Tze Chun has worked on other shows like Once Upon a Time and Gotham as well as his feature length directorial debut Cold Comes the Night (2013). Chun also co-founded TKO Studios, which has been shaking things up in the comics industry.

Warner Bros. Television and Amblin Television will be producing the cartoon series, currently set for release on Warner Media’s forthcoming and still unnamed streaming service, which is set to launch sometime in 2019. That said, there is currently no expected release date for the Gremlins television show. How do you feel about a Gremlins animated series? Let us know on Twitter, in the Official Subreddit, and on Facebook in the Horror Movie Fiend Club!