nightmare on film street team

Nightmare on Film Street Team

Want to represent Nightmare on Film Street in your town or local film festival/horror convention? Join the Nightmare on Film Street Team and we’ll send YOU stickers and goodies for FREE to share with the masses!

Nightmare on Film Street Team members distribute these goodies wherever they think a future NOFS fan might lurk… the local bar, a cool comic book shop, the record store, a horror convention, the vegan burger joint where everyone has purple hair… the options are endless! Snap pictures of you in action and share them on the Nightmare on Film Street Discord!


nightmare on film street team




+ Share stickers with your spooky friends!

+ Post stickers where other stickers congregate

+ Leave stickers pinned to Bulletin Boards or Community Boards

+ Ask a cool location if you can leave some stickers by the cash register/ a community area

+ Leave stickers on tables at events or in promo areas

+ Chat with the Street Team in the NOFS Discord and share snaps!



+ Litter

+ Post stickers on private property without permission

+ Post stickers in areas that obstruct other community content (graffiti, existing stickers, community ads)

+ Let your stickers collect dust. Use ’em!


Street Team Sign-up


Thanks for your interest in joining the Street Team! Note: Applications are processed quarterly in batches. Please only apply once every 6 months. If you want to keep up on the status of new mail-outs or would like to receive an update on your application, head to the Street Team channel of the Nightmare on Film Street Discord!