Fans of the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, can wake up this morning to a nice surprise: A 16 bit video game based on the series silently crept onto the App store and Google Play.

The top-down view harkens back to classic games of the show’s era, with retro pixel art graphics and animations of familiar characters and settings. You’ll be exploring the town of Hawkins, the Mirkwood forest, Hopper’s home and the scientific lab while playing as recognizable characters from the show such as Lucas and Nancy. There are seven unique playable characters in all. And each character has unique abilities: Lucas can nail anything with his Wrist Rocket. Nancy has an entire collection of bats to swing this time.


And there will be plenty of eggos and gnomes to collect as you explore the town and solve puzzles. The game plays similar to traditional Legend of Zelda games, but with optimized tap controls for the iOS platform, so gamers who are familiar with classic adventure and rpg games will feel right at home here in Hawkins.

The game comes in advance of the second season of the titular show Stranger Things, which is set to be released in just a few short weeks. But don’t wait! There is an update expected for the game to coincide with the show’s release on October 27th. While the update’s content remains a mystery, players can expect to unlock a sneak peak trailer for the upcoming season by playing the game now.

Other features include:

  • 30+ quests to complete
  • 6 dungeons to explore
  • 2 game modes

And best of all, it’s free with no in-app purchases.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a weapon, throw on your favorite 80s synth jam and go out there to show a Demogorgon who’s boss!

Mirkwood Forest
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Mirkwood Forest