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[Podcast] EVIL DEAD RISE – Drive Home From The Drive-In Review (Fiend Club Exclusive)

Mommy’s with the maggots now… Join your horror hosts Kim & Jon as they sit down for a Drive Home From The Drive-in Review (Mega Hangover Edition!) of Evil Dead Rise. We caught an early preview screening of Lee Cronin’s urban update of Sam Raimi’s classic cabin-in-the-woods horror at Panic Fest 2023 and (after drinking the entire city dry) sat down to compile on our thoughts on this downtown deadite doomsday.

Reminder, this is a full spoiler discussion of Lee Cronin’s Evil Dead so we recommend you save this episode until after you’ve seen the movie for yourself. But if you just got out of the theatre and you need someone to talk to about how much fun this dang movie was, this episode is for you. Join usss….



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April 22, 2023


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