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[Podcast] Haunted Hotels: THE INNKEEPERS vs. 1408


Checking in? Nightmare on Film Street is spending the hour in Haunted Hotels on this week’s episode! Join your horror hosts Kim and Jon as they unearth the matrimonial spirits of Ti West’s The Inkeepers (2011) and duel with the seasonally ambigious specters of 1408 (2007), adapted from the short story by Stephen King. We talk about creaky corridors, essential haunted hotel wallpaper, how lovely EMF is for your ears, and just how much we’d like our own Samuel L. Jackson in a mini fridge. Joinn usss…

This episode is co-produced, with the generous support of Dustin Lewis & Darra Stone. As always, let us know what you thought about this week’s episode on Twitter @NOFSpodcast, our Subreddit, and join our Horror group on Facebook to continue the conversation!


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September 24th, 2020


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nightmare on film street horror podcast innkeepers 1408

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