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[Podcast] Kooky Cannibals Part I: BLOOD DINER (1987)


Join your horror hosts Jon & Kim on this week’s episode of the Nightmare on Film Street podcast in the first of our 12 part investigative series into the dark underbelly of L.A.’s health food industry. JK- we talking about cannibals serving up human meat at a vegetarian restaurant while also trying to summon an ancient Egyptian goddess. Pull up a seat and order off-menu with us as we discuss the horror! the insanity! and the downright twisted humor! of Jackie Kong’s cult-classic Blood Diner (1987).

This week’s episode also marks the beginning of our new release schedule. NOFS is officially a weekly podcast again! Be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts for a new nightmare every Thursday. Joinn usss…

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Sept 9, 2021


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