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[Podcast] Midnight At Camp Blood – FREDDY VS. JASON (Fiend Club Exclusive)

Howdy Campers, and welcome to Midnight At Camp Blood, the new podcast series from Nightmare on Film Street reviewing the entire Friday The 13th franchise at the stroke of midnight (Camp Crystal Lake time) every Friday night. Join your horror hosts Jon & Kim as they starch their camp counselor uniforms and sit around the fire to tell the tale of the Crystal Lake curse and the boy that haunts the condemned camp to this day. His name was Jason…

Let’s get ready to ruummbblleeeeeeeeeeee….again! Sure, we talked about Freddy vs. Jason not too long ago but mama mia here we go again. Freddy vs. Jason is an all-timer, standing strong in the pantheon of monster mashes like Godzilla vs King Kong, and Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man but with a killer nu-metal soundtrack and two supernatural baddies that love slashing some pesky teens.
Join us as we dive back into the Crystal Lake waters, by way of Springwood Ohio, for the rematch of the century 🥊



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October 14th,  2022


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