[Podcast] Snowy Slashers: BLACK CHRISTMAS (2006) vs. SILENT NIGHT (2012)


Forget cold-blooded, these killers are just plain cold! Join Kim and Jon for a holly jolly episode of Nightmare on Film Street, discussing two Holiday Horror Favourites’ remakes. That’s right, we’re not taking the time to talk about those beloved films we can’t wait to watch each year. This week we’re gifting you a double-feature of the super strange snowbound slashers you make your way to after you’ve already worn out the tape on those festive favorites. Sit around the podcast fire with us as we pour ourselves a warm mug of madness to reminisce about Silent Night (2012) and unwrap a few presents from Uncle Billy while sharing a laugh over the wild & weird sorority staple, Black Christmas (2006). Ho-Ho-Ho!

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We dropped and early bonus episode counting down our Top 10 picks of 2019! You can listen to that now, wherever you get your podcasts (HERE for instance) and you can also check out all of our Best of 2019 Lists HERE. And, of course, Sophia Takal’s Black Christmas (2019) hit theatres last week. We share a few spoiler-free thoughts at the top of the show and you can hear our full discussion of the film on Patreon.

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December 19th, 2019


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