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[Podcast] Something Borrowed, Something BOO: HAUNTED HONEYMOON (1986)

*Thunderclap* *Creaaaaaky Door* HellLlooo and welcome to a terrifyingly spooky ooky episode of the Nightmare on Film Street Horror Movie Podcast! This week, your horror hosts Kimmi and Jon are heading to the cursed, ghoul-filled halls of the Abbott Mansion for the nuptials of Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner in HAUNTED HONEYMOON (1986)!

This horror comedy chiller throws every ghoul at the wall in a murder-filled plot as Larry and Vickie (Wilder and Radner), a radio show couple decide to wed at Larry’s eccentric family’s mansion. What starts as a lighthearted gathering soon turns into a thrilling mix of comedy and mystery when strange events unfold, leading Larry and Vickie to uncover a web of spooky secrets and laugh-out-loud moments. As the couple navigates the eerie estate, they must determine whether the chilling occurrences are the work of supernatural forces or just an elaborate hoax. Or perhaps, even a murderer out to steal the family fortune.

Join uss…


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June 6th, 2024


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