High Spirits (1988) Shirtless and Scared, Steve Guttenberg stares in horror at the aged ghost of Daryl Hannah underneath him in bed.
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[Podcast] Something Borrowed, Something BOO! HIGH SPIRITS (1988)

We’re back to BOOsics on this week’s episode of Nightmare on Film Street, talking about horny ghosts, drunk vacationers, and Jennifer Tilly! Join your horror hosts Jon & Kim as they sit down for a sober discussion about the ins and outs of having sex with a ghost, as depicted in the unsurprisingly underseen 80s sex comedy High Spirits (1988).

Starring a truly unpredictable cast, including Bever D’Angelo (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation), Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill Vol. 2), Steve Guttenberg (3 Men and A Baby), Liam Neeson (Taken), Peter O’Toole (Ratatouille), Jennifer Tilly (Bride of Chucky), and more (!) High Spirits is an unhinged tale of a Hotel owner trying desperately to save the family castle by pretending that it’s haunted. Of course, when real ghosts appear and stack shacking up with the guests, things go a little wonky. Words cannot express the sheer insanity of this far-fetched farce, but hopeful a boatload of uncomfortable laughter and bad jokes can. Join uss…


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June 20th, 2024


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High Spirits (1988) Nightmare on Film Street Podcast
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