Gun Media released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming game Project Méliès. Their last game, Friday the 13th: The Game, was a huge hit among the horror community. (Until a legal battle over the copyrights ended their work on new DLC.)  Gunn will be working alongside Bloober Team, creators of such psychological horror games as Layers of Fear and Observer.

With only this knowledge, we know we are in for a terrifying adventure. The developers are definitely keeping a tight lid on this one.  Very little information is available on  Project Méliès. This game could be based on the works of Georges Méliès (Impossible Voyage, Trip to the Moon), who was a pioneer in early filmmaking.


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The teaser, titled “Yet He Stands”, starts with seemingly antique footage, counting down. Until a door opens and we are lead through, all in first person. We continue down a dark hallway where the words “I think there’s something in the dark.” pop up as a title card harkening back to the days of silent film. As the footage turns the corner, we look up to see a pale figure walking across a bridge as the lights flicker above. After seeing this, text appears on the screen saying “Run, Jimmy, Run!”. Us, now presumed as “Jimmy”, turn and run away. As we make our escape, the film burns and then cuts, leaving the name “Project Méliès” on the screen.

Seeing how Bloober’s earlier game, Layers of Fear is a psychological horror with a vintage aesthetic, we expect a high level of atmosphere and terror with Project Méliès. It appears based on this trailer that the scares will come from being alone in the dark as some sort of creature chases after you. Sounds like a fantastic time!

No release date for Project Méliès has been announced yet, but we’ll keep you posted. What do we think of the new teaser? Anyone excited to enter this new mysterious world? Comment below or head on over to our Facebook group!