At a recent brunch celebrating Sophia Copola’s The Beguiled (2017) Quentin Tarantino expanded on the premise of his forthcoming Manson Family picture. According to IndieWire, Tarantino cautioned that the film is “not Charles Manson, it’s 1969”. That said, I don’t know that I ever truly thought Tarantino was working on a Manson Family biopic. As interesting as that sounds, it just didn’t seem like it would fit against his previous work. The writer/directed has stated previously that he plans to retire after his 10th film, the Untitled Manson Family Project being his 9th.

Recently, Tarantino has been shopping the film around after the fallout of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. This effectively ended a 25 year long partnership with the the Weinstein Company who has back every one of Tarantino’s films since Resevoir Dogs (1982). Hopefully the scripts are held tights as the project makes it’s way across town. Before production of his previous film The Hateful Eight had begun, the script was leaked online. Tarantino at one point was so upset by the leak that he had shelved the film completely. He would later go on to complete the project as planned, but another similar incident may mean the end of this next film.


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We are still without details for the Manson Family but it is rumored that Margot Robbie is attached to the project as Sharon Tate. As well, Tarantino has supposedly been having conversations with Brad Pitt, Samuel L Jackson, and Leonardo DiCaprio. No guarantees that they will be included among the cast, but if his previous films are any indication, I’d say Jackson is almost a guarantee. The ominous backdrop of such a dark time in modern America is sure to be a perfect jumping off point for Tarantino’s writing. 1969 marked the first time the American public became aware of the darkness that lurked on their own shores. If nothing else, this era will make for some brilliant coffee-table dialogue and musical choices.