Austin, Texas is one of the finest cities for film fans in all of the U.S. Every March, the South by Southwest Film Festival (or SXSW) rolls into town and showcases the best of the best for the upcoming year. This year marks the 25 year anniversary of the festival, and its organizers have decided to start thing off with a (silent) bang.

John Krasinski stays silent in A Quiet Place

It has just been announced that John Krasinski’s upcoming horror film A Quiet Place will open up the festival on March 9th. The film, which stars Krasinski and Emily Blunt, follows a family trying everything possible to stay quiet as they live their loves in seclusion. They use sign language, muffle their board games and even mark the boards that do not creak in their home so they will not make a sound. As we see in the trailer (below), they do this so they will not attract the attention of something that stalks them. There were some rumors floating around the internet that A Quiet Place was secretly the next installment in the Cloverfield universe. This looks to be untrue, to the dismay of this guy. Even without the Cloverfield connection,  SXSW’s Director of Film Janet Pierson seems to be really excited about this World Premier. She stated that:

We are particularly pleased to present John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place as our opening-night film,” Pierson added. “Not only do we love its originality, suspense and amazing cast, we love seeing artists stretch and explore. While this is not Krasinski’s first feature as writer and director, it’s an exciting evolution for this multi-talented artist

A Quiet Place

South By Southwest has always been a proud supporter of the horror genre. Some of the best films of the last two decades has had their premier at the festival, including Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Don’t Breathe, Cabin in the Woods and Insidious. This year’s lineup is disappointingly light when it comes to its horror offerings, but more will be sure to be added when they announce the films in their “Midnighters” program. Stay tuned to Nightmare on Film Street as we will let you know every genre film that ends up on the final South by Southwest roster. How excited are you for A Quiet Place to open up one of the finest film festivals in the world? Join our official Facebook Group and let us know!