Struggling to pick out a horror movie to watch tonight? About to sit down with some friends, a date, a tub of ice cream, and can’t make up your mind? Let us choose you the perfect horror movie to watch!

We’ve compiled several awesome selections; from classic horror, to underrated, to funny, and even some lesser known picks! All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, and we’ll pull a rabbit out of a hat! An un-dead one. Go on now, take the poll! What Horror movie should you watch tonight?




Let us know your results in the comments below, or start a discussion over in our Facebook Group! And, if we didn’t get it right on the first go-around, you can always cheat and take it again!

And lastly – to keep the recommendations coming – here’s the 10 films we’re most excited for in 2018!


what horror movie should you watch tonight
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