How many times has it been said that Robert Englund would not be Freddy Krueger ever again? Lots of times. But Englund loves his fans, and America loves Krueger. So leave it up to the American Broadcasting Company to grant some wishes as Robert Englund will appear in full Freddy Krueger getup on the upcoming Halloween episode of The Goldbergs!

The Goldbergs‘ official twitter released the below video of star Wendi McLendon-Covey as her character, Bev, doing a little matchmaking promising with Krueger. How he actually plays into the episode hasn’t been released, but if he’s in full makeup, he’s sure to be wrecking havoc of some sort.


If you haven’t caught The Goldbergs, which begins its 6th season on September 26 on ABC, it is the fictional story of the family of director, producer, and writer, Adam Goldberg, as they make their way through the 80’s. The show is the hugest love letter to the 80’s as they have paid homage to dozens of movies, songs, music artists, actors, actresses, athletes, toys, and more. It never fails to elicit a laugh or 10 per episode.



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Robert Englund hasn’t publicly donned the Krueger getup since August of 2014 at Flashback Weekend which will be chronicled in a documentary about the makeup and special effects of the Nightmare series titled, Nightmares in the Makeup Chair. As for physically portraying the actual character on any sort of screen, that hasn’t happened since Freddy Vs Jason.

It will be interesting to see how Freddy Krueger will appear amongst the Goldbergs. Combining classic Krueger wit with the sharp humor that The Goldbergs is known for will definitely be one for the books.

Does The Goldbergs‘ Twitter announcement have you excited about seeing Freddy in action, again? Would you rather just skip this whole shebang, and see Englund as Krueger in an actual Nightmare sequel? Well, of course, if it came to having a choice of the two, we’d all go for an actual sequel. But for now, let’s just be excited about this bit! Tell us about that excitement over on our Twitter or our Facebook page!



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