When FOX cancelled Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens, I’m sure a huge chunk of us echoed Chanel Oberlin, asking ourselves, What fresh hell is this? The show ran for two seasons, and was full of absolute chuckles, surprisingly gory for a show on FOX, and continuously paid homage to the horror genre. There was also Jamie Lee Curtis on your TV being a badass.

Perhaps there is a bit more life for the Chanels, as Ryan Murphy took to his Instagram, Sunday night, and offered a glimmer of hope. Sure, this could just be a musing, but when have you ever known Murphy to just muse? He’s usually putting his thoughts into motion, especially with an announcement like this. He also has 3 out of 4 of the original Chanels (C’mon, you know Lea Michelle’s Hester counts herself as an original Chanel) backing him up.



The second season wasn’t accepted as well as the first. Maybe the humor wasn’t as present, or perhaps people already had their fill of the Chaneligans (that’s Chanel + shenanigans). So what would it take for another season of Scream Queens to work? To echo Murphy’s post, what format would work best? I believe a limited series would be best whether it be a 3 to 6 episodes series. Thinking about it now though, maybe there was too much fluff in season two. Shortening it to where everything is tight and constant would definitely work. Putting it on a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu would give a chance for even more profanity and gore.

Who should he bring back? Jamie Lee Curtis. That may be asking a lot as she seems to be pretty busy with multiple films in the works. Emma Roberts (Chanel Oberlin), Billie Lourd (Chanel #3), and Lea Michelle (Hester) are mentioned in his post, so they’re most likely a go. Season 2’s John Stamos even commented that he wanted his character, Brock, to return. The only missing pieces, for me, are Abigail Breslin (Chanel #5) and Niecy Nash (Denise).

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Hot at the Shop:

What says you guys? Would you be up for another season of Scream Queens and Chaneligans? Are you Team Red Devil (season 1) or Team Green Meanie (season 2)? Become a Chanel – er – a fiend, and let us know over on our Twitter, subreddit, and the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!

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