Ryan Reynolds will be producing an upcoming adaptation of the horror story The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine. The story originally appeared on Reddit “NoSleep”. For those unfamiliar with the Subreddit, it has been home to many creepy horror stories for many years in the same vein as internet creepypastas. What makes NoSleep so scary, is the stories are usually told in a very believable way – blurring the line between what is fictional and what is a personal anecdote.

The story’s author, Jasper DeWitt, describes The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine as an “unnerving psychological horror tale”. The story focuses on a young doctor who is trying to help a mysterious patient and how understanding this patient could cost him his own sanity. According to DeWitt’s website, the original story was the winner of NoSleep’s “Best Original Monster of 2015″ award. So you know it is definitely going to be creepy.


The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine is set to join the ranks of other adaptations of original internet horror stories such as Slender Man and Channel Zero. Some of the most terrifying horror stories originate from short stories on the Internet and it looks like this is ready to be the next one.

Variety reports that the story was purchased by Twentieth Century Fox and New Regency and will be produced by Ryan Reynold’s production company Maximum Effort. No other details about the upcoming project have been released, but if you are as excited as I am, make sure to check out the nine-part original story.


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