YOU SHALL NOT SLEEP Trailer Delivers on its Promise

Things have a tendency to slip under your radar when you work in retail management and have newborn at home. There’s a disconnect from reality that happens when you haven’t had more than three or four hours of sleep in weeks. Some things can completely slip by you, which is what happened to me with Gustavo Hernandez’s You Shall Not Sleep (No Dormiras). To the shame of my family, I was completely unaware of the Uruguayan director’s follow up to his festival darling The Silent House (La Casa Muda). Thanks to the trailer for the film, however, I have finally seen the light.

You Shall Not Sleep


Two minutes. One hundred and twenty lonely seconds. That’s how long it took for me to completely and totally buy in to this film. Set in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, the film follows a theater group as they experiment with insomnia to prepare for a new stage play. According to IMDB:

With the passage of days without sleep, they reach new thresholds of perception that expose them to the secrets of the place and the energies that inhabit it. When Bianca, a young, promising actress, joins the cast, competing for the lead role, she must survive not only the intensity of the work and her cast mates, but the unknown force that is pulling them towards a tragic outcome.

You Shall Not Sleep

Even though my Spanish is stuck at an “ordering off-menu at the Tempe, Arizona Filiberto’s” level, I can completely relate to the characters in this film. While I’ve never gone 120 hours without sleep like the trailer suggests that they did, I have had my fair share of sleepless nights lately. The air becomes more still, the floors creak a little louder and you begin to see shadows within the shadows. Go long enough and you begin to see those voids within the darkness move and change. I can’t wait to check out this atmospheric tale about what we begin to see when we force our minds to look through the veil and what, exactly, is looking back at us.

You Shall Not Sleep stars Belen Rueda (The  Orphanage), Eva De Dominici and Natalia De Molina. The film has been picked up for distribution by Fox International Productions and will be released in 2018. There is no official date as of now, so be sure to stay awake and keep your eyes glued to Nightmare on Film Street for more information.

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