If you drive out to the Middle of Nowhere, then take a left turn and keep going for another 20 miles or so, you might just pass the village where I grew up. You really can’t miss it (if you don’t blink too often, that is). This little village has the same amount of grain silos (one) as it does stop signs, which is a great indicator of how fun a town is. Now, if you leave that village and drive a few more miles to the north (past the haunted, abandoned house but before you get to the other haunted, abandoned house), you’ll find my childhood home. Surrounded by fields and forest, neighbors and friends were a little difficult to come by.

The good news for adolescent Tyler, then, is that you don’t need friends if you have satellite television! Thanks to that funky little dish, I was able to have a standing play date every Saturday night with one of the coolest cats in town, Mr. Joe Bob Briggs. Briggs was the host of TNT’s Monstervision, a gone-too-soon program that served as my gateway into bad (and sometimes amazing) horror and obscure monster films. I miss those late nights, but thanks to the magic of the internet, we may have a chance to get Monstervision back into our lives!


According to a tweet from Joe Bob Briggs himself, the online horror streaming service Shudder might be interested in reviving Monstervision in some shape or form. The show, which ran from 1995-2000 with Briggs as the host, was a weekly program that featured one or more horror and monster films introduced by the Texan himself. He also would pop in during commercial breaks to comment on the nonsense on screen. We all would love to see this awesome showcase back on the small screen, but there’s a catch. The only way Shudder will consider this revival, according to the tweet, is by seeing evidence of our fandom through video testimonials. In the tweet, which was posted on January 19th, Briggs stated that:

The Shudder network says they might revive some version of MonsterVision if we get enough video testimonials. Weird, right? You can send them to [email protected], but my position remains: The show was cancelled, so NOW THE PEOPLE MUST SUFFER.

Monstervision- Joe Bob Briggs
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This is just from the mouth of Joe Bob himself, meaning that Shudder has not announced anything as of yet. This story was also picked up by Bloody Disgusting, and there was no comment made to them about the announcement, either. So whether this is a one-way campaign by Joe Bob Briggs or Shudder really is interested in a revival, we should all send in a video testimonial anyway. Just to be safe, that is.

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Shoot a short video about how you’d love to see Monstervision back on the air and email it over to Joe Bob. While you’re at it, join our official Facebook Group and let us know why you think Shudder should bring back this type of program for the next generation of horror fans. Keep checking back to Nightmare on Film Street and we will definitely update you with any new information regarding this project.