Drive-in Mutants, rejoice! Everyone’s favorite horror critic/commentator/monologuer, Joe Bob Briggs, is returning for a second season of The Last Drive-In. Just two days before the season one finale of the Shudder-exclusive series, Briggs himself appeared on-camera to confirm that the show would return for a second helping of madness and gore in a video that was posted to social media Wednesday afternoon. Of course, it wouldn’t be Joe Bob if there wasn’t some sort of rambling to go along with the announcement.


“[Is Shudder] gonna give me that extra 400 bucks? I still get Saturday to Thursday off?” asks Briggs to an off-screen voice. “Yeah, I guess I’ll do it”.


While fan participation and feedback had been positive since the series’ premiere in March, the future of The Last Drive-In was unclear before the announcement. Afterall, the original 24-hour marathon which ran in July of 2018 was meant to be Briggs’ farewell to horror-hosting. While the series is only wrapping up it’s first season, it is technically the fourth incarnation of The Last Drive-In, following the aforementioned 24-hour marathon, Thanksgiving’s Dinners of Death, and A Very Joe Bob Christmas all in 2018.

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Season one saw Briggs hosting a live double-feature every Friday night for nine weeks, showing everything from modern schlock like Wolfcop (2014) and Deathgasm (2015) to critically-acclaimed classics like The Changeling (1980) and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, all of which are available to stream on Shudder following the live airings. Shudder did confirm that season two will also feature the live double-feature format, but held back any further details, including the release date. However, it’s safe to assume that the series will retain many of the familiar fan-favorite aspects and segments. Following Friday’s season one finale, Briggs will have hosted the showings of 39 films under The Last Drive-In moniker in less than 11 months. Who knows how many more he can get under his belt.

May the Drive-In never die! Let us know if you’re excited for another round of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs on Twitter, Reddit, and on Facebook in the Horror Movie Fiend Club.


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