Crispin Glover Joins The Cast of Bret Easton Ellis’s THE SMILEY FACE KILLERS

Last week we heard that Crispin Glover (Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter, Willard) would be starring in Roger Avery’s thriller Lucky Day as Luc, a psychopathic contract killer out for revenge. Today we are happy to share that more Crispin Glover zaniness is on the horizon in Bret Easton Ellis’s The Smiley Face Killers. Cast alongside Ronen Rubinstein (Dead Summer), Glover is sure to play one of the titular Smiley Face Killers. There are currently no details on Glover’s role in the film but let’s be honest- he’s not playing a hardened detective.

The Smiley Face Killers is based on the real-life events surrounding the deaths of several young men. The Smiley Face Murder Theory was put forth by two retired police officers after a number of men were found drowned across several Midwestern American States. The term Smiley Face became connected to the case after it was made pubic that police were finding gratified smiley faces at the crime scenes. While this theory has received criticism from other investigators, the mystery the Smiley Face Killings present is perfect fodder for a serial killer story.

An unrelated, evil smiley face

Penned by author/screenwriter/director (and occasional podcaster) Bret Easton Ellis, The Smiley Face Killers reunites Crispin Glover and River’s Edge director Tim Hunter. Naturally, you will remember Bret Easton Ellis as the author of American Psycho but the brutally honest writer has taken more than one ride into the dark side of town. His novels deal with the depravity and decadence of characters that seem empty and soulless, but last year saw the release of his web series The Deleted. Nominated for a WebbyThe Deleted is a cult themed thriller that follows the disappearance of seemingly unconnected people across Los Angeles.

The Smiley Face Killers plot is being held under wraps right now but according to Variety, production has already commenced with filming taking place across several states.


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