Yes, you read that title right. Stephen Spielberg (Jurassic Park) is working on a new horror series for television. This “super scary show” will appear on Quibi, and upcoming short-form streaming platform. The series is currently in development, and plans are for it to hit the streaming service next year, but with a twist: it will only allow you to watch the show at night. According to Variety, here’s how it will work: a clock will appear on your phone, ticking down the minutes until the sun sets. After night falls, you will have access to the show until the sun rises. Then it will disappear until the next night.

Sounds nifty, right? A horror show that you can only watch during the spookiest time of the day is a very creative idea. While we don’t have any details about the specifics of the show as far as casting or story, we do know two things.


First, there will be about ten to twelve chapters, four or five of which have already been penned by Spielberg himself. Based on this, we can assume that each episode will follow an overarching narrative, rather than an anthology series such as The Twilight Zone.

Second, these episodes will be made to watch “on-the-go”. Quibi founder Jeffery Katzenberg said this: “Chapters or act breaks…are seven to ten minutes long. They are specifically shot to be watched on the go. If you’re 25-35, you get up and you’re on [a smartphone] for over five hours.” This will apply to all of its shows, not just Spielberg’s series. Quibi appears to be a mix of YouTube and Netflix, with it being a subscription service but also having shorter videos that aren’t as long as a regular episode of a TV show.


Quibi will be launching on April 6th, 2020 and the subscription cost will be $4.99 per month. Are you interested in this terrifying new ‘in the dark’ series from Steven Spielberg? Let us know over on Twitter, Reddit, or the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!


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