Love is a fickle thing. The bad boy has the classic appeal of danger, mystery, and rebellious edge. The wholesome guys are sweet, sensitive, and kind. Together these men exhibit all of the attractive qualities one may search for in a significant other. While some of the leading men in horror can induce sensational butterflies, others easily rip the hearts from their lovers’ chests. There is nothing more horrifying than a guy who can reel you in as easily as he can peel flesh from bone.

When it comes to the horror genre there is no line of reason as to who commits heinous acts of evil. Sometimes the human men of the genre can be just as gruesome, disgusting, and vile as fictional monstrous beings. Most of the time they abide by the excuse that “There’s always some bullshit reason to kill your girlfriend”. Really? It might be a bit outlandish, but these guys believe it, at least. Whether they are outright morbid villains or bland average Joes, there’s no such thing as playing it safe when it comes to this list of Men of Horror You Don’t Want To Fall For.


14. The Slacker: Anton in Idle Hands (1999)


Anton is a slob, a loser, and such a waste of space that even the Devil sees it fit to indulge in the proverbial myth of possessing his idle hand. Sure, he’s cute, funny, and kinky, but it’s mostly the possessed hand who is responsible for his forward moves. If it weren’t for his hand, Anton would still be sitting on a couch getting stoned while his own parents’ corpses rotted into dust. He’s too lazy to make a move on anything serious and, not to mention, but his friends aren’t a good influence either. No one wants to pick up that slack.


13. The Convicted Felon: Charles Lee Ray, Chucky in The Bride of Chucky (1998)

It’s no new word to the wise to stay away from the guys with a rap sheet. If they’re willing to break the law, they’re sure to break your heart. Chucky is a thief, a murderer, and he’s bent on transferring his soul into the body of an innocent child no matter who he takes down with him in the process. If an eternity in plastic is your kink of kink, Chucky might be the perfect mate.


12. Dad In Denial: Josh in Insidious (2010)

Insidious/Sinister Crossover-

Josh seems like a good dad on the whole, but the second his son starts exhibiting some spooky, questionable behavior after lights out we start to wonder what parenting book he read from. Josh stays late at work to avoid the uncomfortable hell facing him at home, leaving his wife to deal with supernatural torment, and the kicker is: it’s all his fault to begin with. Josh seems to have forgotten the demon that haunted him in childhood and his ability to sleep travel his way into The Further, a trait he passed on to his son. Josh is a man of convenience and denial, not exactly quality father material.


11. The Abusive Artist: Jack in The Shining (1980)

stanley kubrick the shining

Emotional instability is not exactly a desirable trait, but it is often a digressive one associated with high levels of creativity within an individual. Jack Torrence has a habit of getting absorbed in his writing and bringing his work home with him, so to speak. As he is easily influenced by the violent spirits and possibly fictitious entities that materialize from his mind, Jack is the kind of lover you have to tread lightly around… and carry a big axe.


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10. The Narcissistic Actor: Guy in Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

rosemary's baby

It turns out there are men out there who are worse than absent fathers. If your significant other not only impregnates you for the sake of his career, but then promises the soul of that unborn child to Satan to secure fame and fortune, you may want to reconsider your relationship. Guy is so completely self absorbed, he makes Satan look good. We wonder who his mother sold her soul to.


9. The Hot Neighbor: Jerry in Fright Night (1985)


When the new, charming, single hunk moves in next door it’s no wonder how quickly lonely single mothers fall under his trance. Jerry is funny, helpful, and mysterious, but that does not account for his odd evening extracurriculars. That spell he puts women under is a powerful lure only to lead them to their untimely doom as fanged brides. Although, everlasting life with Jerry does sound tempting…


8. The Compulsive Liar: Norman in What Lies Beneath (2000)

what lies beneath

You may think Norman is a pretty average middle-aged professor, but there is something dark and sinister hidden under the lake house he shares with his stay-at-home wife. Highly intelligent men are naturally more cunning and clever, making them better at lying, better at burying their lies. Even if you think for one minute that Norman is coming clean with you, just know there’s more beneath the surface.


7. The Guy Who Think’s He’s God’s Gift To Women: Him in mother! (2017)

darren aronofsky's mother! review

Some men like to think they’re “the man”, while others take it a notch above that vapid notion and believe they’re the creator of man… or better.  Thinking His very presence is a solitary grace to the earth, especially to women, worship and adoration are all this guy concerns Himself with. That, and his work. He may think He’s god’s gift, but He is truly a destructive force poisoning all aspects of the space He consumes. Zeus thought the same thing, too.

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:


6. The Sweet, Sensitive Alcoholic: Adam in Valentine (2001)

valentine 2001 adam

Is the Ugly Duckling syndrome an appropriate excuse for slaughtering a group of high school gals? He may be dreamy and caring, but alcoholism may be a mask to hide Adam’s real flaw: Adam is sensitive, so sensitive that he can’t make peace with a cruel childhood grudge. Once he puts on his physical mask, the cupid kind, Adam goes from sweetheart to slasher quicker than a loosed arrow.


5. The Opportunist: Crispian in You’re Next (2011)

crispian youre next

Always pay attention to the way a man treats his family. If they’re as dispensable as sheep for slaughter, you might find yourself digging into your survivalist bag of tricks in order to survive a family dinner. Crispian might come across as the worst kind of man, a coward, when he runs off to find help at the start of a vicious ambush. Unfortunately he’s a sneaky as a fox, masterminding the plan to cash in on his inheritance all along. After he’s done offing his kin, beware because you’re next.


4. The Obsessive Aggressor: David in Fear (1996)


Most women like to think they’re the only thought that passes through their boyfriends’ minds… however, when it’s only the thoughts of you and homicide to float around his brain, things can get a little tricky. When your courtship becomes his prime motivation to dominate your father’s wishes, things get even more tricky… and weird. David is the kind of obsessive boyfriend who will break your curfew, your virginity, and your heart. Once you see that homemade chest tattoo, its time to peace-out Marky Mark style.


3. The Sociopath: Patrick Bateman in American Psycho (2000)

american psycho

Handsome. Well groomed. Wealthy. Accomplished. Intellectual. Tasteful. Everything about Patrick Bateman, from his workout routine to the watermark of his business card, makes him a total catch. One thing, however, changes Patrick quicker than a New York minute and it’s a pretty big dealbreaker: He likes to dissect girls. If you’re into a weird night fueled by drugs, white-hot vanity, and awkward mirror sex, I’d say go for it. Just have your Nike’s handy.


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2. The One-Night Stand: Hugh in It Follows (2014)


Casual sex is less of a damning act in reality than it is in horror, but this story heads a far greater warning. Regardless of the curse being one Hugh has to transmit in order to stay alive, he’s quick to hit it and quit it. Once the deed is done and the instructions are regurgitated as quickly as possible, Hugh is nowhere to be found. If you’ve experienced this kind of tête-à-tête, he’s left you behind with more than just a temporary romantic feeling. Hugh is the worst.


1. The Mama’s Boy: Billy in Scream (1996)

Whether you cross his mother directly or through the fault of others, Billy will go full-blown Anthony Perkins on you if you disrespect her in any way. He’s the brooding bad boy and devoted boyfriend to the final girl, but that doesn’t mean the rules apply to his true motives. His mommy issues far outweigh any logical thought so much so that even he acknowledges that maternal abandonment causes serious deviant behavior. What’s most surprising about Billy is that just when you think he’s gone, he always comes back for one last scare.

These men may not come with warning signs, but being fans of the genre should supply sufficient knowledge on bloody red flags. Beware obsessive and addictive projections, criminal activity, womanizing ways, inheritance gains, and sociopathic tendencies. The normal guy? Yeah, be suspicious of him too. Horror has taught us that a sheepish man wearing a mask can be just as deadly as wolf in sheep’s clothing.


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