If there’s anything that the Haunting of Hill House taught us – it’s that renovating broken down houses possessed by the dead isn’t an easy. But WWE Legend CM Punk (also known as Phil Brooks) thinks he can handle it on his own. That’s about all we know about the new haunted house flick Girl on the Third Floor, set to premiere at this year’s SXSW Festival in Austin.

Leaving behind the world of wrestling, CM Punk has taken the route of other WWE stars to pursue an acting career. He will also appear in another horror film called Rabid later this year. Brooks will be starring as Don Koch, who moves into an old Victorian mansion with his wife Liz, played by Trieste Kelly Dunn (of Showtime’s Banshee). Don struggles with the building’s rotting walls and bursting pipes, but in the process, discovers the house’s dark secret.




The teaser doesn’t give too much away. The camera is fixated on a kitchen sink. We hear Liz talking to an unseen woman about how she’s worried her husband might be drinking again. The disembodied voice tells Liz that the house has ruined families before, and that she should leave before it’s too late. The sink then explodes, sending blood splattering across the kitchen walls.

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Girl on the Third Floor will be the directorial debut of Travis Stevens, who has produced We Are Still Here, Mohawk and Buster’s Mal Heart. It is also the debut film of newly established production company, Queensbury Pictures, based in Chicago. The score is written and composed by renowned rocker Steve Albini of the band Big Black, who has worked as an audio engineer with hundreds of bands, including the Pixies, The Jesus Lizard and Neurosis.

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