We were pleasantly surprised with 2017’s Happy Death Day – it brought a fun twist to the “college slasher” genre and served up some fascinating ideas with its “Groundhog Day meets horror” premise. The film found quite a bit of success, so it should come as no surprise that a sequel was fast-tracked into production.

Today, Blumhouse finally released the trailer for the upcoming sequel to the internet, which is entitled Happy Death Day 2U. Check it out here, but be warned – it essentially spoils the entire original film:




We can learn a few things from the trailer. First, Happy Death Day 2U looks to be leaning in completely to the self-aware style of its predecessor. Just as the Scream sequels became more and more self-referential as the series went on, Happy Death Day 2U looks like it presents its horror with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

As is common in horror sequels, Happy Death Day 2U looks to up the stakes. Tree finds herself stuck back in a time loop, and others in her circle find themselves suffering the same fate. Just like in the first film, Tree has to learn to use her predicament to her advantage to save herself and her friends.

The trailer also shows that a lot of the talent that brought the first film to life will return to the sequel. Jessica Rothe returns as Tree, again stuck in a time loop that sees her wake up on the same day every time she dies. Israel Broussard also returns as Carte, along with Ruby Modine and Phi Vu. Christopher Landon, who directed the first film, is returning to helm Happy Death Day 2U. He also wrote the sequel – the first film was written by Scott Lobdell.


Happy Death Day 2U is set to release on February 14th, 2019, and take everything we enjoyed about the first up several notches. Grab a Valentine’s Day date and enjoy some meta, slashy horror! For the latest news on this film and other upcoming horror, check out our Twitter and our Horror Group on Facebook.


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