A cold, beige convent. Falling snow. Walking ladies. A wide-eyed girl that stares into the distance. Her name is Birdie, and through this trailer, we get a glimpse of the strange, ritualistic horror that befalls the convent. Melancholy Star brings us indie film The Book of Birdie, where the Christian way reigns but the spiritual realm dominates.

Our very own Chris Aitkens caught the film at last year’s Brooklyn Horror Film Festival and saying “The Book of Birdie is blood-soaked, and not in the traditional horror sense. The movie is more of a dark fantasy with mysterious phenomena. You’re more likely to raise your eyebrows than hide your face at the sight of blood[…] The Book of Birdie has the fantastical feeling of a Guillermo del Toro film, like Pan’s Labyrinth or the Devil’s Backbone, yet is unlike anything I have ever seen before”. Sounds good right? You can read his full review HERE


The Book of Birdie tells the story of a teenage girl with obvious problems, raging from general weirdness to possible hallucinations. An all-female cast, The Book of Birdie hints at more than just Birdie’s mental state being the issue, but rather the nuns themselves. What could be a safety net for any normal person is instead a path directly into danger. Imagery of Birdie “taking the veil” and warmly embracing another girl give us Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl and Suspiria vibes, leading us to a few options of what’s to come: devil worship, witchcraft, or Birdie experiencing this all in her head. Either way, we’re freaked out yet increasingly intrigued.

If the new clip below (courtesy of Dread Central) is any indication of what’s to come, The Book of Birdie is sure to promise building tension and profound horror that only a silent scream could relieve. The Book of Birdie is streaming now on VOD! Let us know what you though of the film on Twitter, Reddit, and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club group on Facebook.