There are aspects of summer that we celebrate (well, normally): the beach, BBQs, slip ‘n slides, getting your tan on. There’s one aspect that none of us really celebrate unless you’re a bonafide, legit lover of nature, and that aspect is the surplus of freaking creepy crawlies that come out in the summertime heat. They buzz around your head. They sneak up on you when you’re walking out of the door. The little – and sometimes not so little – buggers will land on you out of nowhere, move their tiny little scratchy legs on your skin, and cause you to either lose your sanity or wet your pants.

Or, ya’know, you may be one of the sorts who love creepy crawlies. And to you I say, you’re a brave soul. Perhaps you’ll enjoy the following list of creepy-crawly films that are currently streaming on certain platforms. For the rest of us, we’ll spend a good chunk of time brushing off the phantom scratchy legs that we feel crawling on us while and after watching these films.



Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978)

Streaming on Prime, Tubi, and Pluto

Tomatoes. They grow in the summer. They’re maybe a fruit? America had no clue that the beginning of tomato season would bring an onslaught of creeping, rolling tomatoes that have decided to turn the tables and eat humans. The onslaught of parody humor that Attack of The Killer Tomatoes! brings hasn’t really aged well which may result in a sweat of anger or embarrassment. There are still a few moments that may break a sweat due to laughter though.


Phase IV (1974)

Streaming on Prime, Hulu

Imagine if ants took it upon themselves to harness the power of the sun in the middle of the Arizona desert to rise against mankind and take over the world. Imagine if they used the chemicals used against them to evolve, and become an even mightier species. Imagine millions of these little crawlies falling on you, crawling in your body, and using it as a housing vessel. Phase IV created that type of world, and it’s one that I do not want to live in.


The Day of the Triffids aka Invasion of the Triffids (1963)

Streaming on Prime, Tubi

Meteorites, while hurtling from space, can reach up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. The titular triffids were placed on earth from these hot hot hot space rocks. Sure, they start off as pretty little flowers, but end up as man-eating plants that use their roots to scoot across the ground towards their prey. Big ol’ nope on the triffids. Big ol’ neato to the fact that they sound like someone taking a hit off of a bong as they scoot along on those roots.


Ticks (1993)

Streaming on Tubi, Pluto, IMDb TV

This may be proof that I will find any reason to place Ticks on a list, and the reason for placing Ticks on this list is one of the most legit. Have you ever found a tick on you just sucking away at your life’s source? It’s a jitter inducing feeling. Imagine said tick being 20 times bigger than normal, and it literally burrowing under your skin? Thank a higher power that the use of fire on these ticks causes them to explode. Is that a real life thing? Just looked it up; don’t use fire as it causes the possibility of getting a disease from the tick.


The Nest (1988)

Streaming on Prime

The Nest is about killer cockroaches. That should fall under any “enough said” category. This is the horror genre so the ante is upped because these are murderous cockroaches that know how to make a cockroach/human hybrid and end up looking like something straight out of John Carpenter’s The Thing. The heat is low in The Nest, but cockroaches thrive in warm places. In The Nest, they eat warm bodies, and they infest the warm bodies. Gross.


Slugs (1988)

Streaming on Prime, Tubi TV

Slugs opens with a couple questioning a swim in the local lake, and then the slugs-capade begins. Generally, slugs are a docile creature that means no harm to anything except for plants. Their slimy texture is their main ick factor. In Slugs, they’re – of course – products of toxic waste so these slugs are mean. They bite. They devour. Technically, Slugs is a Halloween movie, but there is much confusion as it seems like the majority of the film takes place during the summer, and the Halloween bits are just added in. There’s even a Halloween party, but no one is dressed up. Nevertheless, slugs and slime and sweat are a-plenty.


Bug (1975)

Streaming on Prime, Hulu

Cockroaches enter the conversation, again, with Bug. No need in reiterating the ickiness that comes with a cockroach, but it must be said that these cockroaches – again, genetically mutated – have an extra perk. You see, these cockroaches create fire. COCKROACHES THAT CREATE FIRE. By the end of the film, THEY ARE COCKROACHES THAT CREATE FIRE AND CAN NOW FLY. The world could not be saved by film’s end.


Squirm (1976)

Streaming on Shudder, Prime, Tubi

Squirm takes place in a rural town in Georgia during the height of summer. If you’re from the southeast then you will be familiar with the muggy, unbearable heat that occurs at that time. Squirm gets it right with the heat you can feel through the film as well as the surprise freak thunderstorm that occurs. Thankfully, the maneating earthworms that rise up due to the thunderstorm hasn’t happened in real life . . . yet. These earthworms meant business, and by business, I mean devouring all of the townspeople. The film’s title is definitely an action that you will do once or twice throughout the viewing of this murky feeling creepy crawly feature.

I’m not going to lie,. I swatted my arm and hair once or twice while revisiting these 10 films. These phantom bug feels are known as “formication”. So when you are streaming these films, you may be formicating, yourself. (Formication is an actual side effect resulting from certain series of diseases. No disrespect meant to actual sufferers of formication.)

Which creepy crawly in the hot hot heat films is your favorite? Let us know, and suggest more streaming crawlies to us over on our Twitter, reddit, Instagram, and The Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!


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