It’s seems dark days ahead for The Walking Dead.  Leader and main character Rick Grimes will be making his exit as Collider reports actor Andrew Lincoln will be departing the series after the 9th season wraps.

Whether Grimes will be murdered, mutinied, zombified, or simply abandon camp is yet to be known. We’ll have to wait and see what Season 9 of the Walking Dead has in store.


Though there’s been no official word yet from AMC, it sounds like they aren’t treating the departure like a nail in the coffin. Collider also reports Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) will stay on-board for the foreseeable future, likely taking the driver’s seat as the community’s new leader and main protagonist. Word is that contracts for Lincoln and Reedus were up after season eight. THR reports Reedus is currently in negotiations of his new contract, seeking $20million in the deal.

“There are lots of unanswered questions, and we owe a debt to all of the viewers to answer a few of those,” Lincoln said this past February. “So, yes, once they’re answered, there is an endgame. I’ve said it before. There’s certainly an endgame in my head.”

I personally have only caught a few seasons of The Walking Dead, so apart from the clickbaity articles of the show’s declining popularity and a few major deaths being spoiled, I haven’t been keeping up with the series. That said – for fans’ sake and with Season 9 premiering in Fall 2018, I do hope Lincoln’s departure was planned and writers are able to wrap Grime’s storyline. (I also hope the news of Lincoln’s departure being blasted on all major media outlets is itself not a huge spoiler).

Fans have dealt with quite a few shocking departures before, so should The Walking Dead wish to continue well into the future, I’m sure audiences will keep tuning in.

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