The Sundance Film Festival has been on a roll, introducing us to horror hits lately. This year it brought us the phenomenally successful Get Out (2017), and just last year The Witch (2016) flew in to give the genre some extra cred. Now we have Thoroughbreds, which also debuted this January, and just so happens to star The Witch herself Anya Taylor-Joy.

Thoroughbreds is the feature film debut for writer/director Cory Finley, which marks the second time Taylor-Joy fronted a promising filmmaker’s debut at the festival. Joining her are Bates Motel‘s Olivia Cooke (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) and the late Anton Yelchin (Green RoomRememory) in one of his last film roles.


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The film’s Red Band trailer promises dark humor, and if the festival buzz is to be believed, we’re in for a wild ride. Personally they already had me sold with the plot/cast combo, and this trailer has me even more pumped. All three actors are incredible young talents and it’ll surely be a ball watching their devious antics play out.

Childhood friends Lily (Taylor-Joy) and Amanda (Cooke) reconnect in suburban Connecticut after years of growing apart. Lily has turned into a polished, upper-class teenager, with a fancy boarding school on her transcript and a coveted internship on her resume; Amanda has developed a sharp wit and her own particular attitude, but all in the process of becoming a social outcast. Though they initially seem completely at odds, the pair bond over Lily’s contempt for her oppressive stepfather, Mark, and as their friendship grows, they begin to bring out one another’s most destructive tendencies. Their ambitions lead them to hire a local hustler, Tim (Yelchin), and take matters into their own hands to set their lives straight.

Focus Features acquired the distribution rights out of Sundance and will be releasing Thoroughbreds on March 9, 2018.

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