It’s a glorious time to be a zombie comedy fan. (That is, a fan of zombie comedies. Although being an undead stand-up aficionado might be cool too.) Zombieland is back with a sequel after a ten-year gap, indies like One Cut of the Dead are challenging the format of zombie movies. Hell, we even got a zombie Christmas musical from last year’s Anna and the Apocalypse. Now, Academy Award sinner Lupita Nyong’o is taking her own stab (bash?) at this horror subgenre, with the Hulu-exclusive Little Monsters header for a release this October. Check out the red band trailer here:



In what promises to be a dark-as-night comedy set at a sunshine-bright children’s camp, Little Monsters provides zombie survival flicks with an all new challenge: how do you protect a school trip in an undead apocalypse? Us star Nyong’o seems to carry the practical weight of that danger as the kids’ teacher/main protector, while comedy vet Josh Gad (Frozen. Yes, Frozen) plays a more reluctant protector as the camp’s mascot. The cast is rounded out by Alexander England, whose previous credits include Alien: Covenant and Offspiring. The project is directed by Abe Forsythe, and will be hitting select theaters on October 8th. The film will then have a streaming debut October 11th, just in time for the Halloween binges we know you have planned.



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