The world that we live in is one of social media dependancey. When we post something to Facebook or Instagram, it is not so much that we convey a post that is thought provoking or substantial in its importance, but it IS important to get plenty of attention. The likes, follows, retweets, and shares all feed our social media heavy egos. The attention is addictive.

This idea is the basic premise to a film called Broken Star, coming to us from Gravitas Ventures. The trailer for the upcoming flick has a singular message: infamy at any cost.


A young starlet, Markey Marlowe (Analeigh Tipton), has found herself under house arrest, obviously as the result of some decidedly illegal actions. The duplex that she is forced to reside in is also home to an unsettling landlord with a penchant for voyeurism. The landlord, Daryl (played by Tyler Labine), seems to be obsessed with the young woman. This obsession aids Daryl into entering a twisted murder pact with Markey. 

The young star reveals to her landlord that the best way to reach infamy is to die at the height of your popularity, a la Marilyn Monroe. “Im nothing without the attention,” Markey states in the trailer. It seems that she does not want to die by her own hand though, but by that of her creepy landlord. For reasons undisclosed at this time, Daryl agrees.

“I’ll make sure they’ll remember you.”

broken star movie 2018


The stage is set for an unsettling premise. The trailer wraps up with a bunch of gruesome images of brutality and and horrific gore involving the two characters. At the peak of the bloody horrors, the trailer finishes with a scene of Daryl slamming Markey up against the wall. Markey is wearing a Marilyn Monroe wig and that famous white dress of Monroe’s.

“How are you going to kill me?” Markey asks, with calmness.

“Any way you want,” Daryl answers, equally calm.


Broken Staris written by David Brant and directed by Dave Schwep.  Lauren Bowles, and Monique Coleman also star. Broken Star releases on VOD on July 20th, 2018.


broken star movie 2018