Tom Botchii Skowronski may not be a horror-household name yet, but after his debut feature film Artik you can bet your ass you won’t soon forget him. Artik is a harrowing tale about a comic book obsessed serial killer and a straightedge welder who must rise to the occasion when he discovers Artik’s extra-curricular activities. Resting in the balance of these two men, is the fate of Artik‘s young son. On the surface this film seems like it will be a straightforward action/horror flick–but underneath the surface lurks a deep, dark look into the everyday temptations of a wholesome, albeit alternative lifestyle.

The titular character, Artik, is played by Jerry G. Angelo (Texas Zombie Wars: DallasBetter Call Saul), who seems to give an incredibly masterful performance. Holton, the straightedge welder, is portayed by the incredible Chase Williamson (Sequence BreakJohn Dies at the End), who really gives it his all in every performance. Rounding out the cast is the incomparable Lauren Ashley Carter. She played herself and a flawless imitation of herself in Imitation Girl. She was a darling, named Darling, in Mickey Keating‘s Darling, and was hauntingly beautiful as Ada in Jug Face. What I’m trying to say is, this is an A-list cast, so get excited!




While Skowronski doesn’t have a full feature to his name yet, if his shorts tell us anything, then we are in for quite a treat. Reunites Skowronski with Martin Moody, the cinematographer of his previous short films. Moody’s camerawork in 11 Minutes brought us into the psyche of a murderer who doesn’t understand the impact of his murders, until he commits suicide–as well as his brilliant work in the wonderfully original Goldblooded where a man whose blood has actual gold in it must escape police and paramedics who want to cash-in on his . While Moody’s cinematography is fantastic in 11 Minutes, he really shines in Goldblooded, exploring some pretty intense emotions with incredibly captivating shots. Needless to say, Artik should be a devilishly gorgeous film.

Artik stabs its way into theaters September, 2018. Are you as excited as we are? Let us know in the comments below, over on Twitter, or in our Horror Group on Facebook!