The rolling fog of the British Isles is in and of itself haunting and atmospheric, worthy of its own starring role in any good scary movie. It is one of the inspirations for and foundations of British folk horror films such as The Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971), Village of the Damned (1960) and the disturbing cult-classic Wicker Man (1973). If Hammer Films grandfathered this foggy genre in and the films of Ben Wheatley (A Field in England and Kill List) are the current heirs apparent, it appears we may have a new branch on this mist-shrouded, craggy-old, film-making tree.

Clearly influenced by those folk horror films that have come before it, the trailer for first-time full-length feature director Raine McCormack’s new indie The Village in the Woods showcases many of the vintage tropes. First and foremost we have dark country roads lit only by what appears to be a young couple’s car headlights. A female voiceover lends to the tension building here. Our featured player then makes its appearance: thick, backlit fog is shown rolling through skeletal trees. It hovers in, out, and around the almost two-minute clip. There’s also an old, gothic, brick-walled manor with a wild-eyed (and haired) lady lurking about as well as a plethora of folded paper cult symbols hanging around ominously, an old man with stern warnings, a virginal lady with a crown of sticks, and strangely, what appears to be a creepy, ivy-covered bathroom hideout with nary a speck of TP.


The plot of this everything-old-is-new again film centers around a man and a woman who have traveled to a remote and sparsely populated location. “When a young couple from the wrong side of the tracks decides to take on an inheritance fraud job in Coopers Cross, a remote, murky village, little do they know that they have accepted a fate far darker than they could ever have imagined…” . The cast features Richard Hope (Poldark, Broadchurch), Rebecca Johnson (The Trip, The Flood), and Therese Bradley (Peaky Blinders). Gamers might recognize the voice of Robert Vernon (Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles, Final Fantasy XIV) in his feature film debut.

The Village in the Woods is produced by Brake3 production company and it will be released by Lightbulb Film Distribution. Like the eerie and ominous fog, this movie will be rolling into On Demand and download platforms on October 13. Let us know if you’re looking forward to the mew folk horror film on Twitter, Reddit, and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!