Stephen King adaptations continue to be hot, with the release of It Chapter Two and the new Creepshow show headed to Shudder. The same could be said for his son Joe Hill as well, as earlier this year, NOS4A2 hit AMC. If you can’t get enough of these two then I have some good news for you. Netflix released the trailer for a new movie adapted from the King and Hill novella called In the Tall Grass. What I can say is that it’s quite creepy from what I’ve seen.



The official synopsis goes:

After hearing a young boy’s cry for help, a sister and brother venture into a vast field of tall grass in Kansas but soon discover there may be no way out…and that something evil lurks within.

Now I can say that I spent a good portion of my childhood living in the country of Michigan with a cornfield on two sides of my parent’s house. The idea of going into grass tall enough to hide you scares me much like going into those cornfields did. With some research I see that this was filmed around Toronto, Canada, but from what I can tell, it was a solid fill in for what they’re going for.

With the setting, director Vincenzo Natali is going to try to bring these words to life. He’s best known to me for his first feature, Cube, which to me is a low budget masterpiece of sci-fi horror. He also directed another cross-over genre film in Splice. Natali also was the writer for both of these. He is doing the same with In the Tall Grass. With what this film is about, I think this background definitely helps. He has quite the cast to work with as well.

Starring as Ross Humboldt is Patrick Wilson of Insidious and The Conjuring series. Seeing his name in the credits solidified it for me. He is one that I was hoping that would keep working in the genre and he keeps doing just that. Taking on the role of his sister, Natalie, is Rachel Wilson. She’s been working steady since the late 1990’s, having appeared in the genre with Saw 3D and Hellions. Joining them are Harrison Gilbertson (Hounds of Love, Upgrade), Avery Whitted and Will Buie Jr.

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:

I’ll be perfectly honest, this flew under the radar for me until I saw this trailer. Knowing that it is Natali adapting a work from King and Hill, I will definitely give this a go. It is looking like horror fans can check this out on October 4th, 2019. This may have to be one I put into my 31 Days of Horror.


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