I have a pretty good feeling that you love a spooky anthology film. Often, it is a chance to show off various filmmakers and techniques while giving viewers bite-sized horror for easy consumption. They also allow filmmakers to toy with production approaches and storylines that aren’t quite suited for a full feature. In the end, anthologies give a fun glimpse into a diverse variety of horror goodness.

The new anthology, A Field Guide to Evil, premiered last year’s SXSW film festival to rave reviews. It was picked up by a distributor and will finally be getting wider release. So if you, like me, weren’t at that wonderful film festival, you’re finally going to get your chance to dive deep into A Field Guide to Evil. Check out the new trailer below and get as pumped as I am.


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Opening on a serene forest, we see a lovely young woman in what looks to be ‘peasants clothes’ as she approaches a river. There, she sees another woman kneeling by that river. The woman picks up a stone, looks at it, then smashes herself in the face with it. And with that, we’re off! From there, the trailer makes it clear this film isn’t afraid to get dark and gruesome.

The movie offers 8 folk tales from 8 different nations. You will get subjects from Greek mythology to 1970’s American urban legends. Field Guide features segments made in Austria, the United States, Hungary and more. One short, Die Trud, uses nothing but minimalist static shots. Another, The Cobbler’s Lot, is silent and uses title cards instead of dialogue. In the end, A Field Guide offers horror fans a look at varied approaches, subjects and techniques. Hopefully it will lead you to many discoveries within the genre.

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