A new Black Mirror trailer has arrived. Buzz about the fifth season of the smash-hit, technology-driven horror anthology has been online for what feels like years now, but now, we can finally put some images to all the rumors. Without further ado, watch the trailer here:



Accompanied by the text “You should’ve seen it coming,” the tweet that gave us our first look into season five of Black Mirror reveals some great footage of the upcoming episodes. However, just like the show itself, the trailer retains a tone of mystery and suspense, holding back details on the plots of the episode. Still, at least we get a release date for the next season of the Netflix masterpiece. Black Mirror season five will be available to stream on Wednesday, June 5th.


Along with what’s sure to be some groundbreaking, terrifying new episode plots, this season of Black Mirror features probably the most star-studded cast to date. Sherlock fans will recognize the brilliant Andrew Scott, who portrayed James Moriarty, in the first few seconds of the trailer. Hot off of his success in Avengers: Endgame also comes Anthony Mackie, who is famous for his role as Sam Wilson/Falcon. Topher Grace also makes an appearance toward the end of the trailer and, just as we reported a few months ago, Black Mirror fans will get to see Miley Cyrus in her first horror role this season. For more celebrity appearances and to see what nightmares they’ve gotten themselves into, we’ll just have to wait until June 5th.


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