What’s better than having a party? What’s better than having a party with your closest friends? What’s better than having a party with your closest friends who are part of a homicidal cult? Well if you ever wondered that, then look no further than Monster Party. The new trailer has just dropped and it looks like a bloody good time.

From what the trailer has shown us, three young thieves are posing as caterers to try to steal from “yuppie scum” during one of their dinner parties. Unfortunately for them, the yuppies are part of a homicidal cult who are celebrating their sobriety ..from killing. But after the thieves botch cracking open the safe, they have now just made themselves their next target. What ensues involves chainsaws, axes, guns and even a katana. It feels like Don’t Breathe (2016) meets The Purge (2013).




What will really be the showstopper throughout this film is the amazing cast they have chosen, particularly the rich maniacs. Robin Tunney (The Craft), Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) Kian Lawley (Before I Fall) and Lance Reddick (John Wick) will play just a few of the maniacs. Monster Party also stars Sam Strike (Leatherface), Virginia Gardner (Halloween, 2018) and Brandon Michael Hall (Search Party) as the thieves.

Chris Von Hoffman (Drifter) will be showcasing as the writer and director of his second full length feature film. Brian Kavanaugh-Jones is one of the producers and that is good news considering his track record with films like Sinister (2012) and Insidious (2010). RLJE is distributing and based on their interest in films like Shivers (1975) to Bad Taste (1987) this is sure to be an interesting one. It had its world premiere at this years Beyond Fest in Los Angeles.

Monster Party will be released in limited theaters, VOD and Digital HD on November 2nd, 2018. Are you excited for it? Will you try to see it in theaters? Let us known on our Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below!


monster party 2018 poster