Japanese horror may be due for a bit of a renaissance here on the other side of the Pacific, and there’s no director better to do it than Hideo Nakata. The director of the original Ringu and Dark Water (and the Americanized version of The Ring 2) is at it again, with a new entry in the Ringu series – Sadako. Check out the trailer for it right here:



Fans of jerky movements and grotesque imagery, rejoice – it looks like you’re in for a treat with this one.

Sadako is a true sequel, introducing a whole slew of new victims for the title character to stalk. Here’s the description of the film, per IMDb: “A group of people must find out how to stop the newborn deadly curse, which has born and gone viral after a Youtuber accidentally captured a vengeful ghost on camera.”


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Sadako stars Elaize Ikeda (Isle of Dogs) as Mayu Akikawa, a psychologist whose brother unwittingly jump-starts the film’s curse by posting video of Sadako for the world to see. The film actually already released in Japan back in May, and will show at Montreal’s 2019 Fantasia International Film Festival.

There is no word on a true North American or European release date at this point, but if Sadako generates some buzz on the festival circuit, it seems like a no brainer to make its way into western cinemas. Given the pedigree of director Hideo Nakata, that seems likely.

Nakata has had some success outside of Japan, directing the Naomi Watts-led remake The Ring 2 and Chatroom, but he has not quite become a household name in North America at this point.


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