After a huge teaser trailer debut and a Super Bowl spot, we thought that we had seen all that we needed to see from John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place. We were wrong. Paramount just released a new trailer for the film and not only does it reveal a bit more about the story, but it also physically reaches into my back pocket and takes money out of my wallet.

The film, which was selected to open the SXSW Film Festival next month in Austin, follows a very handsome family as they hide in the woods from a sinister entity that is attracted to sound. The official synopsis for the film states that:

Mysterious supernatural forces attracted to sound have surfaced and are attacking all over the world. A family must now hide and live in silence at a secluded abandoned farm to survive, by avoiding every noise and communicating in sign language.

This new trailer shows us a few things that the teasers did not. First of all, we are told that there was a worldwide attack and that only a few survived the onslaught. This group of people looks to be one set of survivors. At one point in the trailer, Emily Blunt’s character asks Krasinski “Who are we if we can’t protect them?”, meaning the children. These are the first words of dialogue that we have heard from the trailers, and it is incredibly effective.


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Secondly, this is the first time that we get a glimpse of what is terrorizing this group. The end of the trailer shows Blunt hiding in the bathtub from something coming up the stairs. We see a claw, and not much else, but that is more than enough to garner my interest and to answer a few questions about the film. We now know that there is a real threat in the woods, something physical and violent coming for them, and not just something conjured in the minds of the adults.

A Quiet Place

Lastly, EMILY BLUNT’S CHARACTER IS PREGNANT! This new revelation throws a whole new wrench into the machine, as infants are not very quiet (except for mine because he is a perfect angel sent from above). How is she going to give birth and raise a baby in complete silence? Here’s to hoping that they were able to find some nice soundproofing material for their secret mattress-basement.

All in all, I could not be more excited for this film. It will premiere at SXSW on March 9th and will be released in theaters on April 6th. There were whispers that A Quiet Place is secretly a part of the Cloverfield Universe, but now those rumors have died down. This trailer makes me think that this is even more of a possibility. The Cloverfield Paradox was rush-released on Netflix not long after the rumors started about A Quiet Place, and what a beautiful distraction it was. Whether it is, or isn’t, A Quiet Place looks to be the first big horror hit of 2018 and we here at Nightmare on Film Street are living for it. Join our exclusive, official, Cool-Kids-Only Facebook Group and let us know what you think.