There were few Superbowl commercials this year as interesting as the extended promo spot for the upcoming Twilight Zone reboot. The trailer below is out first look at what is already shaping out to be a strong return for the much celebrated television show. Viewers were given a Rod Serling-esque surprise when the television CBS’s television feed seemingly broke down. For a brief moment, transmission was completely interrupted before Jordan Peele took center stage, and welcomed the world to a new, but very familiar Twilight Zone, premiering on CBS All Access April 1st.

The promo gives only a glimpse at the tone of the new iteration, but it was previously announced that Adam Scott had been cast in the updated version of Nightmare at 20,000, a classic episode that has been referenced endlessly throughout pop culture, including The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror IV. Though we’ve also been given the title of another upcoming episode, details surrounding the television have been (mercifully) limited.


“When truth is not the truth, what dimension are you even in?”


As far as casting goes, we have previously learned that Taissa Farmiga (The Nun), Steven Yeun (Burning), John Cho (Searching), Allison Tolman (Krampus) and Greg Kinnear (Little Miss Sunshine) will star. As well Gerard McMurray (The First Purge), Greg Yaitanes (Castle Rock), and Mathias Herndl have been the only directors revealed. Surely these are only a small handful of many talent filmmakers lending their style to the Twilight Zone‘s return, but time will tell.

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