Robert Eggers exploded onto the horror scene with his 2015 period horror drama, The VVitch (no, I will NEVER use a regular W). Since then, horror fans have been clamoring for another nightmarish vision from the director. We’ve heard rumors and seen a few images of his next project, but until today, little was revealed. That changed when we got our first trailer for Eggers’s next horror symphony: The Lighthouse. You can check it out here:



Plot details for The Lighthouse are still pretty hush-hush. In fact, the synopsis given by A24’s official YouTube page merely reads: “There is enchantment in the light.” However, we can gather a little bit of explanation from this trailer. Robert Pattinson is playing a new lighthouse keeper, potentially with a sordid past? And Willem Dafoe is playing the long-time keeper of that lighthouse, who’s maybe privy to the supernatural events that go on there?


Ok, so we can’t get that much from the trailer.

Still, one look at the talent involved in this film should substitute for what the marketing is lacking in explanation. And if Pattison and Dafoe don’t already sway you (what is your problem?), the style of this film alone promises it will be one of the most memorable of 2019. The Lighthouse heads to theaters this Christmas, December 25th, 2019.

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