The Super focuses on former police officer, Phil Lodge (Patrick John Flueger) and his two young daughters as they move into an old New York City apartment building. Lodge is the new superintendent, or “super”, of the grand building. However, it seems tenants have been disappearing mysteriously. Lodge becomes suspicious of the building’s creepy senior handyman Walter, played by the incomparable Val Kilmer (Willow, The Island of Dr. Moreau). Lodge must protect his daughters and solve the mystery of the missing tenants, all while trying to out wit Walter, who seems to have taken a liking to Lodge’s daughter Rose.

The trailer is full of creepy dark shots in old, dimly lit hallways and a very eerie furnace. And of course since there are kids involved, that furnace has to be scary too. Lodge’s two daughters appear to wander off on their own a lot, and that definitely cannot be good. Little girls walking towards a furnace, a little girl surrounded by a circle of fire, it’s really all too much creepy children activity.




The Super comes from Saban Films and producer Dick Wolf, and yes, that is the Dick Wolf who brought the world Law and Order. The film is directed by german director Stephan Rick, who also directed 2011’s The Good Neighbour and 2015’s The Dark Side of The Moon. The trailer is super creepy and Kilmer especially is unnerving. While horror is not the usual genre seen in Kilmer’s repertoire, an actor of his caliber makes for a welcome addition to the film. It has been several years since Kilmer appeared in films, and I for one, and more than thrilled to see him back on the big screen.

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the super
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