Trevante Rhodes, Sarah Paulson Join Sandra Bullock in Netflix’s BIRD BOX

It’s no secret that streaming giant Netflix has been killing it on the original series front, with fans practically frothing at the mouth for Stranger Things Season 2’s debut next Friday. What they haven’t been as lucky with is their original films (read about Kim’s distaste for The Babysitter here). There’s hope on the horizon however, as we have some impressive talent joining Sandra Bullock in their upcoming adaptation of Josh Malerman’s 2014 novel Bird Box.

Already attached are Bullock and John Malkovich, and hopping aboard are Moonlight‘s Trevante Rhodes, Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story), two-time Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver (Animal KingdomSilver Linings Playbook), and Get Out scene-stealer LilRel Howery.

lil rel howery get out
LilRel Howery as TSA officer Rod in “Get Out”

Directing is Susanne Bier, fresh off her Emmy win for directing the AMC miniseries The Night Manager. The film follows

A mother (Bullock) and her two young children are among the survivors after an alien invasion drives a large swathe of the Earth’s population to bloody violence, sparked by simply looking at one of the creatures. Facing a perilous 20 mile journey on a small rowing boat while blindfolded, the family will have to rely on her wits and her children’s trained ears.

And if all that wasn’t enough, they also have Arrival‘s Eric Heisserer adapting the script from the novel of the same name.

It sounds like it has some potential to be emotionally investing, but given the mention of “bloody violence” I’m going to guess this wont be a Gravity-style emotional journey.

With that film and now this, Sandy seems keen on situations that find her character lacking a pretty vital sense (or force). So I’d like to take this opportunity to pitch her next film, where she’d play a chef – wait for it – BORN WITHOUT TASTEBUDS… Eh?? Sleep on it and get back to me, Sandy. Personally I smell another Oscar with this (don’t taste it though, amiright??).

Ahem. Anyway. You can catch Paulson and Bullock sharing the screen first in the hotly anticipated Ocean’s Eight next June. Bird Box doesn’t have a set release date of yet. And my Sandra Bullock-led chef project will likely never happen.


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