Michael Dougherty, creator of the beloved Halloween anthology, Trick ’r Treat, has been teasing a sequel since 2013. Although the original film was not a hit upon initial release, it went on to become a home video favorite and a Halloween, film-marathon staple. This has allowed it to develop a huge cult following and fans are eager to see a sequel, as soon as possible.

The first Trick R’ Treat was shelved for many years. When movie houses first showed interest in the film, they wanted the film to be a true anthology in that they wanted to have one director per segment. Horror legends George Romero (Night of the Living Dead), John Carpenter (Halloween), Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and Sam Winston (Jurassic Park), himself, were all attached to the project, at first.


In a recent episode of Post Mortem with Mick Garris, Dougherty revealed this about Trick ’r Treat:

The character of Sam, which is the sort of demonic trick or treater which wanders around between the different stories – he started off as an animated character that I did for a short film at NYU. So, he was essentially my senior thesis film. One of the first people that I sent the film to was Stan Winston because I was just a massive fan of his. Who wasn’t? Surprisingly, he wrote back, or he reached out and said, ‘Saw the short, loved it, if you’re ever in L.A., let me know, and I’d love to sit down and hear about what you want to do.’


Trick 'r Treat
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He continues,

And so I booked a flight to Los Angeles. I took him up on the invitation; I wasn’t going to let him squeeze out of it and sat down. And he said, ‘Listen, you need to be making movies!’ Because I was an animator at Nickelodeon at the time, he’s like, ‘Have you written a spec script, yet?’ And I said, ‘No, I haven’t done that.’ He goes, ‘Well, you should do that…’ Stan was the first one to read it and say, ‘There’s really something here! I’d love to produce this.’ And so, he assembled George Romero, himself, John Carpenter, and Tobe. What a lineup, right? Took it out there; nobody wanted to touch it. I mean, I remember the notes we got back from some of the studios and one that stuck out for me was, ‘This movie has vampires and werewolves, which are too old fashioned. Nobody wants to see vampires and werewolves.’ I was mildly offended by that, you know, because I was like, Well, I want to see vampires and werewolves!

In the same interview, Dougherty couldn’t offer much information about the release of Trick ’r Treat 2.

My hope is that once Godzilla has been put to rest, then I can dive back into it…I would love to make it my next project, but we’ll see.

It’s safe to say with Halloween only days away, we’ve all had Trick ‘r Treat on the brain. Fingers crossed that Dougherty is able to push a few more tales across Sam’s path soon. And with that, we will continue to wait anxiously for any news related to the follow-up to Trick ’r Treat!