What happens when a person grows accustomed to suppressing their demons? What if those who are close to them have no idea who they really are? These are the questions facing Angela (Caitlyn Folley) in Restraint, the upcoming horror film from Devilworks.

Directed by Adam Cushman, Restraint tells the story of a young woman who has so far successfully repressed her mental illness and violent tendencies. She marries an older man, becomes stepmother to his young daughter, and moves with her new family to the suburbs. But when she becomes unexpectedly pregnant, her dark side begins to take over. Soon, Angela is a danger to more than just herself.


The trailer for Restraint drips with quiet tension, building to palpable suspense and fear. Something seems off about Angela, but her husband doesn’t appear very invested in understanding her. As the trailer progresses, tension builds to suspense and bloody violence.  We begin to get a sense of the threat that looms just below the surface of Angela’s facade.

Devilworks plans to shop the film at next month’s American Film Market (AFM). Restraint premiered at the Rhode Island Film Festival, where it was named best feature. At the Downtown LA Film Festival, Cushman took home the prize for Best Director. Now the genre film production company is hoping to build off that buzz. Devilworks will screen the film to potential distributors starting November 1st in Santa Monica. The AFM is an eight-day film industry event that functions as an opportunity for independent films to acquire production and distribution.

The thriller also stars Dana Ashbrook, fresh off his return to Twin Peaks, as Angela’s controlling husband. John Hensley and Geoffrey Rivas round out the cast.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think of Restraint in the comments!

Restraint 2018 Poster
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