About Nightmare on Film Street

Nightmare on Film Street is a horror podcast and website launched in 2016 by two horror nuts with zero credibility (see our outstanding credentials below). We bring you the latest in horror news, reviews, and duke out the classics in our head-to-head movie death match. 

Join us every week while we fumble around a microphone, sharing our unpopular opinions, movie facts and trivia, and play a few haphazardly formed games. 

Your Hosts


Kimberley is a hair dye addicted, vegetable eating, pin collecting, board game nerd. She's known for cracking unfunny jokes on the podcast and laughing at them excessively. Her favorite horror films are Creepshow II, Poltergeist (OG), & From Dusk 'Till Dawn.


Jonathan is a coffee grinding, craft beer drinking, bearded lady in disguise. He's known for taking the podcast on wild tangents that don't relate to the episode's topic in the slightest. His favorite horror movies are Evil Dead 2, The Thing, & Videodrome.

Support the Show

Nightmare on Film Street is a labor of love (and terror!). We create content daily on our website and record podcast episodes each week out of our passion for Horror culture/film and for our amazing community of Fellow Fiends

Why should you support us? A single podcast episode from inception to iTunes takes upwards of 50 hours to complete. We may seem like a carefree bunch, but we dedicate hours to crafting the best quality content for our listeners each week; including research, studying content, recording, and countless hours editing our umms out. ..We’re not even counting the hours we spend curating content for our website and interacting on social media, otherwise it would be in the hundreds. (What can I say, we’re addicted!)

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