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Nightmare on Film Street is the the home of horror. A leading independent Horror media outlet, our website is a hub for horror/genre film news, reviews, editorials –  and hosts the NOFS Podcast; consistently ranked as one of the Top Podcasts in the TV/Film genre.


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why nightmare?

In an era of endless content creators, influencers, and outlets, it can be hard to determine who’s a bonafide genuine article, and who’s firing tweets into the ether.

We’ve turned Nightmare on Film Street into a social media juggernaut. Our unique, personalized approach to targeting and interacting with our audience and fanbase has built a trust and loyalty that is unmatched by other outlets in our niche. Nightmare isn’t just a media outlet. It’s a community.

unique voice

Nightmare on Film Street has the most authentic voice in the biz. We sound like real people, because we are real people.


The Nightmare on Film Street audience is young, enthusiastic, and overloaded with content. Luckily for you – they like us so much we’ve got their attention across multiple platforms, harnessing the power of re-targeting and fighting the algorithms.


Our social stats are impressive; but what’s more impressive – they’re fresh. We aren’t sitting on a throne of dead, in-active followers, fans, and listeners. These are engaged fans and users in our niche – that are actively seeking content. Our content.

fans first

Nightmare on Film Street exists because of a love of film, and a love of the horror community. We build bridges as fans, not start fires for clicks or controversy.


Terrifying on all platforms

The Nightmare on Film Street website is optimized for all platforms. Our content is accessible to all horror fiends – whether using Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Android Phones, IOS, Tablets, or Good old fashioned computers. They still make those, right?

Fear for your ears

Our podcast is syndicated and instantly delivered to all of the major music/podcast platforms and applications, including; Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, Castbox, iHeartRadio, and more!

An enjoyable and entertaining podcast [..] Their discussions usually evoke memories of sitting around with your friends, having a beer and just talking endlessly about the genre..”

– Don A.

iTunes Listener

One of the Best Horror Podcasts out there. Jon and Kim’s seamless mix of fright and fun bring me back every time! They are also extremely personable on social media [..] I can’t recommend this podcast enough!

– Katie S.

facebook fiend


The numbers

Nightmare on Film Street audience is unique across the genre. Our audience is younger on average (and therefore cooler, duh), an almost 50/50 gender split, and appreciate quality over getting the cheapest price.

We’ve pulled our demographics from Google Analytics, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – to understand the full scope of our targeted niche in 2019. Want up to date stats? Here you go!

  • Under the age of 34 – 62%
  • U.S Based Followers – 60%
  • female users – 43%


Fiends and Followers


This podcast is straight up addicting to listen to. It gives me my horror fix every week [..] Jon and Kim are energetic and hilarious. Two of my favorite people! I definitely recommend adding this to your list of horror podcast subscriptions as it is one of the best.

– cameron c..

iTunes Listener

the fiend club

The Nightmare on Film Street Horror FIEND CLUB is our community of horror fanatics, fans, and casual creeps. We share an appreciate for horror, halloween, and everything spooky.

NOFS just makes a community filled with great people even better. The Podcast is fun, informative and it’s obviously put together with a lot of love and passion. The news articles are friggin’ dope, too.

– Nate m.

facebook fiend


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